Googlias - Cancellation Policy

It is very unfortunate for us to get notified that you wish to cancel your order!

The cancellation time limit for all cancellations is not more than 5 hours, from the time of placing your order. The reason for the limited time frame is because, we make sure all the orders placed on our online store are dispatched successfully withing 12-24 hours. We make sure all our customers experience super fast delivery.

Once the cancellation time limit is exceeded, your order cannot be cancelled. But instead, you can return the product once you receive it. For more detail on returning, refer our Return Policy.

Only written cancellations sent to with subject line "Cancel my order no XXXXXX" will be considered for cancellation and mails with any other subject line are neglected.

So after the mail has been received, there will be an official call or mail from our executives for confirmation of your cancellation and your request will be processed. 

Order Cancellation Charges

5% of the Bill amount or Rs.50, whichever is higher will be charged as cancellation fee. We regret for holding this cancellation fee, for which we provide another option of getting a CREDIT COUPON for full bill amount on your googlias account, which can be used for further purchases at within a period of 45Days, from the date we issue the credit coupon.

We assure refund of your amount (excluding cancellation fee) within 10Days (maximum estimated time) through the same payment gateway.

Return Goods Shipping Details:

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