Bra Size Measurement For that Perfect Fit

Did you know that approximately 2/3 of Indian women do not wear a bra that fits them well. Most women either wear the wrong size or the wrong style for their figure. At Juliet we take utmost care in providing the right fit and look for that comfortable aparel.

This interactive size check will make it easier for you to find the right bra from Juliet Collection. Just follow the instructions to know your right size.


1. Measure your band size

Under a tape measure, measure underneath your arms, across your back and top position of your chest

Check the measurement. If the number is even this equals your band size. If the number is odd, add 2.5cm to that number which will give you your true band size.

2. Measure your cup size

Take the tape measure and loosely measure yourself around the fullest area of your bust.

Next, subtract your band measurement you just took, from your bust measurement.