Bwitch BW389 WOW Polyamide Padded Low Cut T-Shirt Bra-Indigo

Rs. 1,199.00

Brand Bwitch

Bwitch BW389 WOW Polyamide Padded Low Cut T-Shirt Bra :

Try the WOW Boost Bra for the sexiest support, maximum cleavage and the perfect shape. A Pushup/Push-in construction combined with special molded padding, adds two cup sizes to the wearer. Fashioned in stain microfiber, it’s a luxury essential for your wear wardrobe.

Soft lacy panty in bikini cut decorated with a cute bow in the front, having extra soft panty elastic is what every women desire. Available in beautiful bright colors, coordinate in with your favorite bras in store.

  • Brand - Bwitch
  • Type - T-Shirt Bra
  • Fit - Regular
  • Occasion - Innerwear
  • Style - Polyamide, Padded , Underwired, Douple PushUP, Low Cut, Plus Size, T-Shirt bra
  • Straps - Adjustable Straps, Normal Straps, Two Hooks
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