V-Prime Reusable Face Mask (Pack Of 3)-Assorted

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  • Washable and reusable
  • High filtering capacity
  • Protection from infections and airborne diseases
  • Prefect fit and size
  • Environmental friendly material
  • Chemical/ irritant free body
  • Apt Design and light weight
  • Extra comfortable and smooth
  • Skin friendly ear loops


V Prime facial cloth mask provides proper protection to the wearer, ensuring comfort, hygiene and space to breathe.

This reusable yarn is made of superior quality yarn that offers ease without compromising on your protection. V Prime facial cloth mask is designed as per ASTM guidelines. It prevents infectious particles viruses, bacteria from entering into your mouth and nose and thus acts as a protective shield.
Our V Prime facial cloth mask is manufactured according to all necessary governmental and medical guidelines and is certified by ASTM for its high efficiency


This product is made of Melange Yarn which is environmental friendly and composed of organic elements.

Melange Yarn is produced by the combination of at least two or more than two fibres. It has apparent advantages of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. Melange yarn can present multiple colours on one single yarn, which gives it rich colours, slenderness and tenderness. Its fabric smoothness is much better.